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Water heating is one of the most energy-intensive processes in the average home, often accounting for 14 to 25 percent of the energy consumed. Hot water heater design has improved considerably in recent years, and a new model can often produce more water hot water while using less energy.

Installations & Upgrades

Shattuck Oil sells and installs an excellent selection of water heaters, including indirect models that save money by sharing a burner with the heating system. We work closely with customers to determine your hot water needs and find the most suitable replacement model. To request a consultation on water heating, please call us or contact us online.


Oil-Fired Water Heaters

Bradford White

Bradford White's Aero® Series of oil-powered water heaters provides exceptional recovery rates and energy-saving, clean, reliable performance. Rugged, durable and renowned for their high output, these water heaters meet the highest standards in quality and dependability. Standard features include a Vitraglas® lined tank and a ceramic fiber combustion chamber.
Bradford White Oil-Fired Water Heater

TFI Everhot

Therma-Flow oil-fired water heaters are designed and built to provide dependable, highly efficient production of hot water within a durable, long-lasting water heater unit. All units are tested by an independent laboratory to assure the highest achievable ratings for efficiency and reliable hot water flow.

Indirect Water Heaters


Amtrol's full line of indirect water heaters includes a choice for every installation. Sizes are available from 26-gallon lowboy models to 119-gallon commercial units, all utilizing a forged brass heat exchanger plate with hard-piped connections. A Limited Lifetime or 5-year warranty can be selected on the same product, giving you price options.
Amtrol Indirect Water Heater



Buderus hot water tanks provide clean, pure, and reliable hot water comfort for many years. The average household spends as much as 30 percent of its energy dollars producing domestic hot water, so Buderus designed a super-insulated tank that protects against heat loss with the DUOCLEAN™ thermal glaze. The smooth glass-like coating provides added protection against the corrosive effects of minerals that are naturally present in water.
Buderus Indirect Water Heater



Crown Boiler 's Mega-Stor indirect water heaters provide abundant hot water from the same boiler that heats your home or building. Each Mega-Stor is engineered for performance, constructed of high quality materials inside and out, and finished attractively. Crown warrants the Mega-Stor's stainless steel tank and coil against leakage for as long as the original purchaser owns the home in which it is installed.
Crown Boiler Indirect Water Heater

Weil McLain

Weil McLain

Weil-McLain Gold Plus water heaters produce twice the peak flow of a tankless coil; at least 50 percent more than a comparably sized direct-fired gas water heater; three times as much as an electric unit. The tank-within-a-tank design provides proven durability and provides a unique self-cleaning design that resists liming.
Weil McLain Indirect Water Heater

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